3 Natural Ways to Cut down Pain and Inflammation

Well Labor Day is already here.

With the long weekend coming up I wanted to share a quick tip of keeping inflammation away.

That’s an ouch type thing you know.

It can be chronic or acute, but it’s PAIN.

Here’s what I’ve noticed over the years.

So many patients over do stuff on long weekends and come in with aches and pains because of them being overactive.

So I figured I‘d share my (3) secret tips to saying goodbye to inflammation and keeping you feeling good for the upcoming holiday, from start to finish.


1.Ginger-ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. In one of my last emails I sent over a lemon water drink that helps to cleanse the body. This time, add some fresh ginger to the lemon, you can even add some local honey which helps with allergies and drink it down. It helps the entire body with cleansing, tastes good, and keeps the swelling and pain down (if you have any).

2.Ice it-if you stay too long in the garden this weekend picking weeds and feel pain. Grab some ice and place it on your sore spot for 20 minutes! It works immediately and has no side effects. Maybe a little COLD at first, but once your skin adapts to it, it’s really going to feel good. I would put a thin t-shirt or something in between the ice bad and your skin just to make it a little nicer to your skin.

3.Eat some wild salmon. Oh yeah, some wild salmon. Wild fresh salmon has healthy omega 3 fatty acids that helps to decrease inflammation in our bodies and helps with keeping you slim too! (I love that part of the equation for sure.) Pair it with a fresh salad or veggies for a delicious, weight reducing, inflammation fighting meal!

Main thing: Be healthy, safe and have fun over the 3 day weekend and don’t forget we won’t be open on Monday!

Dr. Anita Haque

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