The Right Mattress for Back Pain


As a chiropractor in Livermore, I am asked daily about the right type of mattress to sleep on to relieve and help with back pain. That is why I wanted to share my insight and expertise to you today!

My opinion on this is not always shared with every other health professional and I am not in any way affiliated with any mattress companies to promote and/or endorse so this is strictly my feedback of what I feel is best and what I use at home.

The following list is what I do not believe to be a good a support for the spine and can eventually cause more weakness for the majority of people:

Tempur-pedic Mattresses or any foam type of support is too soft and since it ‘hugs’ the spine and any misalignments that may be present sleeping on this type of mattress or pillow is not a good support
Foam mattresses or foam toppings- just like the tempur-pedic mattress (which is a type of foam), it doesn’t offer much support to the spine and over time will create more weakness of the spinal bones and tissues.
Soft Mattresses or mattresses with a pillow top- just like the Tempur-pedic style of mattress or pillow, the softer the mattress the less the support on the spine. Although it may feel great at first over long periods of time most of my patients suffer with more back discomfort on a soft mattress
The following mattresses are a better support and option:

Sleep number- this mattress is a little pricey but I do think it is beneficial since it allows for the option to go really firm and softer based on needs and couples’ preferences without having to sleep on different beds in the home!
Firm mattress- this is my number one choice for the support of the spine and also for the cost and value. The old myth of “if your back hurts sleep on the floor” does come from some truth. Most of my patients who complain of severe back pain and try sleeping on the floor feel better in the morning.
So the rule of thumb is this… the firmer the support, the better! I hope this helps you in buying the right type of mattress and in case you are still suffering with back pain feel free to contact me for more help!

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